Learning the Piano

The following pages present ideas, links, and references dedicated to help students learn the instrument.  Parents might also be interested in these pages, but are also encouraged to check out our parents resources page.  As we develop this site, we will continue to supplement, revise and update what is found inside – so keep checking back!  We welcome contributions and suggestions for links, videos and documents to include.  These suggestions can be emailed to our webmaster.

Learning the Piano is divided into the following categories:

Theory Training: a valuable collection of links to improve theory knowledge and skills.

Practice Techniques: to help students to better manage practice time – and to get the most out of it!

Piano Techniques: For the older students – offering a variety of perspectives on piano technique, from developed schools of thought to ideas for mastering specific passages.

Fun Stuff: A collection of images, videos and recordings from of studios and students!

The Ann Arbor Area Piano Teachers Guild is a professional organization supporting the work of its members on behalf of their students and studios. Funds raised through advertising and other contributions are used solely to support its administration and programs. While we welcome contributions, please be aware that the Guild is classified as a 501 (c) (6). Donations to the Guild are not tax deductible.


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