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  • Camp 2018 Celebration

    Camp 2018 Celebration

    PIANO ENSEMBLE CAMP ’18 CELEBRATION The AAAPTG Summer Piano Ensemble Camp was held at the Faber Piano Institute, from June 18 to June 24, 2018. During the week, students met from 9AM to 1:30PM and 10AM to 1PM on Saturday. …Read More »
  • Camp 2017 Celebration

    Camp 2017 Celebration

      PIANO ENSEMBLE CAMP 17’ CELEBRATION Piano Faber Institute in Ann Arbor June 23, 2017 @ 11:45 AM Camp Director welcomes the audience and acknowledges support from the Faber Piano Institute, the Ann Arbor Area Piano Teachers Guild Foundation and …Read More »
  • Piano Ensemble Camp 2017

    Piano Ensemble Camp 2017

    From June 19 to 23, 17 campers, age 10 to 16, swarmed the Piano Faber Institute to make music together under the guidance of one director, ten teachers and four guest artists.  We did not need the results of our …Read More »
  • Piano Ensemble Camp 2016

    Piano Ensemble Camp 2016

    June 24 marked the end of our Piano Ensemble camp and during this week long program, we all had a fantastic time. What a treat to see these 17 students, age 10 to 16, work together and improve each day. …Read More »

Upcoming Public Events

  • Part 3 of our Equity and Inclusion Series: Panel Discussion with Anti-Racism Task Force

    Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

    A discussion and thoughts from our 5-person task force. Every teacher should attend this meeting.

    From the AAAPTG Anti-Racism Task Force:
    The mission of the AAAPTG Anti-Racism Task Force is to initiate our path towards diversity, equity and inclusion.  The Anti-Racism Task Force will facilitate a listening process with the membership, provide resources for learning, and guide conversations which we hope will lead to meaningful changes in our operations as a professional organization.
    We all agree on the value of music and the importance of music in everyone’s education. Who might we be leaving out?  This current historical moment, ringing with the awareness of systemic racism following the murder of George Floyd, has awakened in the Guild a desire to come to a greater understanding of the part we play in maintaining unconscious racism, and a desire to explore steps we can take to be actively anti-racist.
    The Board feels strongly that we should examine ourselves and our privilege as a professional group.  As a result, the Board commissioned this Task Force on Anti-Racism.  Our next step is to determine how the Guild can be more diverse, equitable and inclusive.  In the coming months, the Task Force will invite members for input on how to achieve these goals.  This could include ideas like expanding the composers and musical styles we teach and reaching out to a more diverse array of students, perhaps including those that don’t have easy access to piano lessons.  We will provide ideas to learn more about racism.  We will explore possible partnerships or outreach opportunities for Guild members and other organizations on the same path.