About Us

Welcome to the Ann Arbor Area Piano Teachers Guild!

Refer to us as AAAPTG or simply, the “Guild” for short.

Before you read about all the wonderful opportunities you’ll have once you join AAAPTG, the keyword that sums it all up is CONNECTION.  When you join AAAPTG you will find yourself suddenly connected to the world of piano teaching on a Local, State, and National level.  Ever since the pandemic arrived, the connection from MTNA has only become stronger and their web presence and educational offerings have multiplied ten-fold. MMTA, our state organization has likewise stepped things up with educational webinars and opportunities to connect to members throughout the state.

We support our teachers by providing…

Regular Member Meetings:  AAAPTG meetings are fun to attend (and always optional!). They take place on the 3rd Thursday of the month. The Guild offers a physical (and/or virtual space) to share ideas, meet other teachers, learn of special student events, and attend our Guest Speaker Programs. 

Guest Speaker Programs: The speaker programs are a regular feature of Guild meetings and cover a wide variety of topics. In addition to programs about piano pedagogy, we invite speakers with expertise in other areas such as psychology and business.  Every year provides a new opportunity to hear different speakers.  Members of the public are also welcome to attend the Guest Speaker Programs.

Find-A-Teacher webpage which displays teacher information and studio openings: Teachers can choose to make their information available to people seeking teachers by listing their openings, zip code area, etc. on our website. 

Regular Email Communication: The president of AAAPTG communicates regularly with members about upcoming events, student opportunities, deadlines for participation, and also recognizes special achievements of our members. 

Opportunities for teacher involvement: There are many ways to become involved in AAAPTG; Chairing an event, volunteering to help organize recitals, adjudicating, taking on leadership positions, offering technical support for the AAAPTG webpage, and much more. 

Recital opportunities for student participation: AAAPTG organizes, schedules, and provides the venue for student recitals each year. 

Student Achievement Testing (known as SAT):  This annual assessment is available for students who choose to participate.  The Test helps provide achievable goals that students and teachers can work together to achieve. 

A Look at the Guild  (AAAPTG):

The Ann Arbor Area Piano Teachers Guild was founded in 1961 and continues to be one of the area’s most active organizations for independent piano teachers. All together, the members form a diverse group of teachers who bring a large range of teaching styles and musical interests to the students in this community. Members make independent decisions about their curriculum, the levels they teach, and how they set their rates and studio policies. 

AAAPTG’s Mission

is to provide professional development for local piano teachers, including those with experience and those just embarking on their careers.  For our community of teachers and their students, we offer presentations on instructional strategies, arrange performances and assessments, publish teacher openings on our website, and create opportunities for teacher discussions and networking.

Opportunities for Teachers

  • Professional Development Seminars

  • Teacher Performance Groups

  • Student Recitals and State Assessments

  • Find-a-Teacher 

  • Teacher Networking

  • MMTA and MTNA Resources and Grants

Opportunities for Students