Theory Training

Here are some very helpful websites for music theory and ear training.  Please check them out and feel free to comment on our blog. Your feedback will surely help others.

  •         A Musical Playground for Kids  A large collection of tutorials ranging from elementary to advanced. Suggested by Addy – we love when students help one another learn!
  •         Sonic Fit  Awesome set of tutorials, ear training exercises, musical literacy checks!
  •         Ricci Adams Music Theory.Net  An easy-to-follow website full of lessons, trainers, and utilities.
  •         Musical Mind  Excellent ear training site.  Solfege ID, Note ID on Staff/Piano, Melody Ear Training, Interval Ear Training. (Ristow)
  •         Big Ears  Ear training specifically for interval and keyboard recognition. Manipulate the interval direction or isolate certain intervals.
  •         Practice Sight Reading    Rhythmic sight reading exercises.  Manipulate time signature, number of measures, and level of difficulty.
  •         Sight Reading Factory    Automatically generated sight-reading exercises.  Choose the time signature, key, voice part, and level of difficulty.
  •         EMusic Theory Interactive  Extensive music theory tutorials. Aural drill practice on intervals, scales, chords, keyboard recognition, note names, clefs.
  •         EMusic Theory Tutorials
  •         Teoria  A wonderful site for interactive ear training exercises, reference materials, scores, music theory questions, music analysis, and articles about music.
  •         MTNA’s Websites for Kids  An excellent compendium of links – despite being mislabeled (many of these links are not really for kids – though many, indeed, are). Music Teachers National Association offers this overview of selected websites that teachers might find helpful in augmenting lesson materials-particularly to enhance those six practice days between lessons!

Blank Manuscript Paper

A handy, create-your-own manuscript paper generator, allowing you to create simple, blank staff paper in a variety of sizes; or staves pre-printed with clefs, key/time signatures, bar-lines, etc.  Staves are also groupable for a group scoring.  Many templates have already been generated.

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