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Teaching Trumps Technology:  Abstracts

1.Being Strategic is Where the Artistry Lies in Using Gadgets and Apps

2. Knowing Yourself:  Teaching Profiles and Technology Personalities

3. Hardware and Technology for Studio Management

4. Websites and Social Media for Recruiting, Networking and Professional Development

5.  Apps for Musical Skills Development:  Replacement, Enhancement, Composition/Creativity,  and Misc. 

Teaching Trumps Technology:  The Artistry of Using Gadgets and Apps

This is a detailed analysis of the results of the technology survey conducted in August and September 2015 by the Ann Arbor Area Piano Teachers Guild.  Two groups of responses are tallied and compared, one for Ann Arbor teachers and the other from “online” teachers (teachers from around the world who responded to the survey in online forums).  By identifying strengths, challenges and long term goals, teachers interested in using technology can assess what others are doing in similar circumstances and make informed choices for their own technology use.

Teaching Trumps Technology Slideshow (with links to video demos)  

Most Widely Used Apps and Technologies in 2015 

This list includes the most commonly used app in each of the categories developed for the analysis (replacement apps, enhancement apps, composition/creativity apps and miscellaneous apps).

Detailed List of All Apps from Survey Responses

This list includes every app mentioned in the survey.  It’s meant to be a comprehensive list of apps that responding teachers were using in 2015.  Links to corresponding websites for each app are included.  Use tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to find different categories of apps.

Websites and Social Media Groups for Piano Teachers

Favorite websites and social media groups identified in the survey are listed here.

Teacher Strengths and Challenges

This is raw data from the survey.  To help navigation, comments were organized into 3 broad groups (musical skills, management skills and interpersonal skills).  Comments here are further organized into subgroupings within each of these categories.  Use tabs at the bottom to find comments for each of the teacher groups.



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