AAAPTG Members: How to Add/Edit the Find-A-Teacher Listing

As an active member of the Guild you can list your information on the Find-A-Teacher page.  A parent or student can see your profile by clicking on your name in the listing.  Your bio may include a description of your teaching style, specialties, methods, and/or goals.  We suggest a total 200 to 500 words for effective and easy reading.

In adherence to the Federal Trade Commission’s anti-trust regulations, lesson pricing and studio policies may not be displayed on any of these AAAPTG pages.  You can, however, list that information on your own personal business website.  We also ask that you do not list other websites or businesses, unless they are directly related to your piano teaching business.  The Guild reserves the right to remove or request edits to your profile if something is deemed inappropriate.

You will be able to edit your existing profile by clicking the link at the bottom of this form.  The email in your original profile submission will be used to send you a link for edits.

New Teacher Profile