Student Achievement Testing (SAT)

The Student Achievement Test (SAT) is an opportunity for students provided by the Michigan Music Teachers Association (MMTA) and its local chapters. The program promotes comprehensive musicianship, helping students and teachers to set goals and measure progress across their years of study. It is available to Michigan students K through 12 studying with an MMTA member teacher.

The SAT consists of five major parts: a performance portion (representing 60% of a student’s score) plus theory, sight reading, technique and aural skills. Students can enter at any level from the beginning Level I to the highly advanced Level XII. Above Level V, students who score high enough may also enter the SAT competition phase which consists of semi-finals and final.

Dedicated MMTA members plus our own certified adjudicators make this test available in locations throughout the state of Michigan (normally in late February till mid-March).

For the Ann Arbor Area, the test will be administered all day on March 2, 2019 at the Music Department of EMU University.

Every effort has been made to make this program as inexpensive and widely accessible as possible. The registering fee for testing through AAAPTG is $30.00 for Levels I-VII and $35.00 for levels VIII-XII.

Here is your 2019 AAAPTG SAT TEAM:

Chair: Béatrice Ellis

Co-Chair and Registrar: Gaye Thomas

Building Coordinator: Marian Boehl

Aural Awareness Test Proofreader and Coordinator: Chris Carlon

Theory Test Proofreaders: Cynthia Dahlgren and Paola Savvidou

Technique and Sight Reading Test Proofreader and Coordinator: Renée Robbins

Tests preparation, printing and copying team: Lester Castellana, Edith Lin, Mary Sue More

Performance Judges Coordinator: Jeannette Faber

Hospitality Coordinator: Brenda Marshall

Volunteer Coordinator: Gail Davis Barnes

Footstools and Tables Coordinator: Sara Carriere

Trophy Information Coordinator: Chris Carlon

Trophy Manager: Nancy Klein


The Ann Arbor Area Piano Teachers Guild is a professional organization supporting the work of its members on behalf of their students and studios. Funds raised through advertising and other contributions are used solely to support its administration and programs. While we welcome contributions, please be aware that the Guild is classified as a 501 (c) (6). Donations to the Guild are not tax deductible.


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