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The searchable table below lists those Guild members who have chosen to appear on this page.  It is designed to help you find piano lessons in your area.  It also provides contact and other useful information about each studio and teacher.  Please note that the information provided to us from one instructor does not speak for that of another.  In other words: some instructors’ specialization in “Theory,” should not imply that others ignore music theory in their teaching!  Any information left blank simply means that the information has yet to be provided to this website.  Feel free to contact instructors for more about their studios and the lessons they offer.  Members may alter their information or remove their names from this list by clicking here.

EVERY Guild member is a professional piano instructor with years of both training and teaching experience.  The “other instrument” column lists those which the instructor teaches in addition to the piano.  “Teaching Area” includes any specialization they have chosen to highlight.  In the search box you may type zip codes or words to narrow your results.  Please separate your text with a space (do not use commas!).  For example, type “48105 Theory Organ” to sort for that data, NOT “48105, Theory, Organ.”

Each column is also sortable by clicking or double-clicking their blue label.  “Student’s Home” indicates that the teacher will consider coming to the home of the student; “Adults” means that he/she is happy to teach adults (usually in addition to children).  “LDs” indicates those teachers who have specialized training/experience teaching students with learning differences (autism, ADHD, etc.).  Left-Clicking the envelope icon should bring up your email browser to write to that teacher (or right click to copy address to your clipboard).  The ≡≡≡ icon indicates that teacher’s studio is currently full, but can still be emailed to discuss future scheduling.


namecityzipe-mailphone for studentswebsitestudents home?other instrumentsadults?LDs?teaching areas
Albright, SarahAnn Arbor48103(734 ) 761-7712
Babina, IrinaAnn Arbor48108(734 ) 973-1920
Baetzel, TraceyAnn Arbor48104(734) 663-5856NoElectronic KeyboardsYesNoHistory/Musicology, Theory, Background in Alexander, Lister-Sink, Fraser and Taubman techniques, Elementary composition, Jazz, Sequencing. Certified teacher by the Royal Conservatory of Music.
Balla, ZsuzsannaYpsilanti48197(734) 484-3564YesNoTheory
Bates, Mary ShawAnn Arbor48103(734) 994-5627YesTheory
Biber, RebeccaAnn Arbor48105≡≡≡≡≡(734) 678-4168YesFluteYesYesMusic Theory
Bloch, SheilaAnn Arbor48103-6051(734) 994-3110NoYesYesComposition, Jazz, History/Musicology, Theory, Classical / Popular / Notated Jazz
Boehl, MarianYpsilanti48198(734) 649-6404
Carlon, ChristopherAnn Arbor48105(734) 358-8443YesNoNo
Caron-Gatto, LisaAnn Arbor48105(734) 216-3709Yes
Carriere, SaraAnn Arbor48103(734) 665-3322NoYesNoGroup lessons for preschool age
Chan, Ko YuAnn Arbor48105(734) 730-2968FluteYesMusic Theory, Music Education
Chang, ChristinaAnn Arbor48108(734)707-0608
Chen, Pam (Peng)Saline48176(734) 429-2899NoNoNoComposition
Cheng, Amy I-LinAnn Arbor48105(405) 226-6882
Chih, HuiAnn Arbor48105(734) 274-6256
Coffer, FaithDexter48130(734) 426-4574Yes
Cowan, HeidiAnn Arbor48103(734) 994-9198Yes
Dahlgren, CynthiaAnn Arbor48104(850) 287-5087
YesYesMusic History/Musicology, Music Theory
Ding, ShanShanAnn Arbor48108(734) 773-8969
Ellis, BeatriceAnn Arbor48103≡≡≡≡≡(734) 327-9294NoYesGenerally I teach students age 6 to 18.Theory, Sight reading and ear training are integrated in lessons.
Emberton, MeganAnn Arbor48103(734) 476-4947NoYesSuzuki
Faber, JeannetteAnn Arbor48105(734) 717-7095NoYesNoComposition, Jazz, Music History/Musicology, Theory
Gerig, Jeanne MarieSaline48176(734) 604-8609NoOrganYesMusic Theory, Improvisation
Good, MichelleRomulus48174(734) 447-7666
Haithcock, MelindaAnn Arbor48108(734) 973-3178NoYesNoMusic Theory, Classical, Popular, Jazz
Hanway, JudithAnn Arbor48103(734) 476-8587NoYesNoMusic Theory
Hollander, GenieSaline48176(734) 429-1389fluteYesTheory
Howell, PhyllisAnn Arbor48130(734) 678-9558NoGuitarYesMusic Theory, Suzuki, Sight reading, piano accompanying using guitar notation, classical, some popular
Huang, Hsin-YiAnn Arbor48104(626) 213-7600Musicology, History
Hurwitz, TeresaAnn Arbor48103(734) 327-9367Yes
Jaynes, JoanAnn Arbor48105(734) 663-8019
Klein, NancyAnn Arbor48103(734) 662-1987
Kulkarni, VeenaAnn Arbor48105(734) 358-3075
Lee, Eun-JuAnn Arbor48105(734) 709-9237
Lin, EdithAnn Arbor48105(734) 369-2869No
Lin, EmilieAnn Arbor48108(734) 477-0537Yes
Lin, Yi-LiAnn Arbor48105(734) 887-6108
Ma, Xiao LanCanton48188(734) 397-0367
Marshall, BrendaYpsilanti48197(734) 434-1946Electronic KeyboardsYesJazz, Theory
Martins, Sandra LauAnn Arbor48103(734) 223-5435NoYesClassical, Other genres, Theory, Chamber music, Online Teaching
McCabe, BetsyAnn Arbor48105(734) 665-0957
Moore, Mary SueManchester48158(734) 428-8687
Moore-Viculin, CharlottePlymouth48170(734) 459-1112
Patin, Marian ViolaAnn Arbor48103(734) 761-7384
Peng, Yan "Eva"Ypsilanti48197(660) 541-2971VoiceYesYesMusic Theory. Students from age 5 thru adult. Theory, Sight Reading, and Ear Training are a part of all lessons. Experience with autism and ADHD students.
Ponchart, HuiminSaline48176(734) 747-1334YesHistory/Musicology, Theory
Renner, TammyAnn Arbor48103(734) 330-6479
Rinke, MarshaDexter48130(734) 426-4947NoOrganYesNo
Robbins, ReneeAnn Arbor48103(734) 761-5324Suzuki certified teacher trainer
Satterlee, RobertAnn Arbor48103(734) 665-2015
Savvidou, PaolaAnn Arbor48104(608) 443-6012NoYesNoIntegrated Piano and Yoga partner lessons for beginners, piano lessons all levels.
Schoenhals, JoelAnn Arbor48104(734) 417-3237
Schultz, EmilyAnn Arbor48103(734) 623-9948YesYesstudents with high functioning autism, ADHD, and other learning differences
Situ, YangweiAnn Arbor48105(734) 929-5071
Thomas, GayeAnn Arbor48105(503) 476-4495NoMusic History/Musicology, Music Theory
Tsai, ElenaAnn Arbor48103(443) 310-2917NoHarpsichord, Fortepiano, ClavichordMusic Theory
Van De Vort, EricAnn Arbor48103(734) 883-9490Yes
Waggoner, LynneAnn Arbor48104(734) 973-1637
Walker, ElizabethBrighton48116(810) 227-0656
Waller, JudithAnn Arbor48103(734) 662-9784
Willwerth, PatriciaSaline48176(734) 944-3385
Wu, Bing-Hua TsouAnn Arbor48103(734) 662-0036
Yim, Eun YoungYpsilanti48197(734) 961-7510Yes
Zwinck, LynnAnn Arbor48105(734) 531-9764YesDigital Piano, Strings/Brass Performance CoachingYesYesComposition, Jazz, Music History/Musicology, Music Theory, Ages 4 to Adult. Motivation, Independence, Relaxation Strategies, Audiation, Improvisation, Memorization, Performance Skills, Sight Reading, and Ear Training. Genres: Classical, Modern, and Notated Jazz.

The Ann Arbor Area Piano Teachers Guild is a professional organization supporting the work of its members on behalf of their students and studios. Funds raised through advertising and other contributions are used solely to support its administration and programs. While we welcome contributions, please be aware that the Guild is classified as a 501 (c) (6). Donations to the Guild are not tax deductible.


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